3612 STD Diesel Generator Power Plants

Jun 22nd, 2008 | By zubair | Category: Power Plant

3450kW Cat/Ahlstom 3612 STD Diesel Generator Power Plants (3 each) 50/60Hz. 2875kW at 50Hz. 750/900rpm. Operating on Diesel #2. Can be converted to HFO with the addition of a filter and heater. Closed loop, heat exchange with fan. Auxiliary systems: Complete Med. Voltage Switch Gears, Synchronizing panel for up to 3 units, grounding system, cooling system, Air Starting system includes two (2) CAT Engines with compressors, black start. Complete Exhaust system. Complete Auxiliary system. Complete DC system. Less than 19,000 hours. New in 1988. Weight 27 tons (Dry weight). Generator: Ahlstom, Type PA125G125-100-8P, Voltage 13,800 Volt at 60Hz. and 11,500 Volt at 50Hz. Power 2750 kW at 50Hz. 3300 kW at 60Hz. Power factor 0.8, Ambient temp 55 C. Isolation class F. Weight 13 tons. At additional cost a large amount of spares, mostly consumables are available. At additional cost 3 each 33,000 liter tanks are available. All maintenance done by CAT Service since installed New. All engines are serviced by OEM qualified personal and engines are fired up in one month intervals. Manuals and Part Books, maintenance records available. This equipment is in excellent condition. Picture are available.

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